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Our Customer's reviews...

Our Customer's reviews...


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  • Jo Lyons (Monday, June 18 12 11:53 am BST)

    My two children thoroughly enjoy their swimming lessons. Lee has a great approach keeping sessions fun but making sure everyone understands being safe in the water. My children are now making
    extremely good progress and can swim a considerable distance without any aids. I would highly recommend Water Creatures!

  • Romy (Monday, June 18 12 12:11 pm BST)

    Such a great team! We have been amazed by our daughter's progress with Lee over the past two years.

  • Amanda (Monday, June 18 12 08:30 pm BST)

    Lee's been teaching my daughter, Hannah, for nearly 3 years now. She was always a bit of a water baby but has just made the most amazing progress in that time. She loves her lessons - they're always
    challenging but fun too. Lee tailors the lessons to suit each child's individual needs so that they make progress at their own rates. We think Water Creatures is great!

  • Jo Gore (Friday, October 19 12 01:59 pm BST)

    My two children (2 and 4) love their lessons with Water Creatures. My 4 year old had been to lessons before, but came out of the pool on her first lesson with Lee doing more than a previous term of
    lessons. My 2 year old is becoming very confident and can't wait to get there! Highly recommend

  • hayley pain (Thursday, June 12 14 11:30 pm BST)

    Really pleased with the my daughters progress thanks to a lovely bunch of teachers..they really made her feel welcome as she was a late comer..she enjoyed her lessons!! Im very much looking forward
    to bringing my three year old along soon :) will definitely recommend to my friends.. also. Lessons r very reasonable prices..thank you

  • natasha (Wednesday, December 31 14 10:15 am GMT)

    Highly recommend water creatures. My 2 were late learners but lee made them feel welcome and tailored the lessons to fit there needs.

  • Kate (Saturday, May 23 15 09:06 am BST)

    Both my children swim with water creatures. My four year old ollie did classes with another company as a younger child but did not thrive and eventually became very nervous of water and would not
    even get into a pool. Nikki at water creatures has built his confidence and helped him enjoy swimming he is making steady progress and is swimming with floats now and most important for us looking
    forward to his classes. My one year old geo does classes with Sam and I can honesty say it is one if the highlights of his week. We have gone at our own pace with submersion which is perfect for us
    and he seems happy with them and loves to jump in - the classes are fun for him which is what he needs. Thanks guys. Kate morgan

  • Alice Cope-Stephens (Tuesday, May 17 16 10:22 am BST)

    I can't recommend Lee enough as a swimming teacher. My son used to be frightened of the water. He has Asperger's Syndrome and struggles with co-ordination and sensory processing. Lee has taught him
    for over three years and the progress my son has made is amazing. Most importantly my son now enjoys swimming. Lee has such a calm, quiet presence - ideal for teaching children with Special Needs.

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